There are Angels amongst us... And they will bless these pages


Little Cherubs Foundation is dedicated to documenting the families of children who suffer from life threatening illness in the Wagga Wagga and Riverina, NSW Region.  It is the hope of Little Cherubs to capture, and share the love and the beautiful profound moments in each family's lives for eternity,
through the gift of beautiful portraits.

If you, or someone you know is touched by such an angel, please contact us and allow us to offer our gift of everlasting memories.

Little Cherubs is a "project" founded and funded by Hayley Johnson Photography.  I hope that in the near future Little Cherubs will be formally established as a Foundation in its own right.  
This formality does not affect the manner in which the project is Directed.  The project is ongoing, and I hope to have the opportunity reach out to the families of little cherubs for many years to come!